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Blinds by Elegance

Custom made blinds for Clement Windows

Child Safety

We offer a vast range of CHILD SAFETY products to keep dangerous cords out of the way and stop children from becoming entangled. All our blinds come with a free cord tidy where there are cords needed to operate the blinds.

It is highly important that all blind and curtain cords are kept well away from where children can reach them. A quick and simple way of doing this is to make sure they are kept as short as possible and always use a cleat or cord tidy to tie the cords up. Never place a bed under a window with a blind that has a cord, if the blind must have a looped cord then make sure it is fitted with an easy break connector that will break apart if too much pressure is applied and with a cord tidy that holds the cord against the wall so that it is not hanging loose, kids love to play. Or attach bells which aliviate the need for the loop.